Water Usage

Generally, the customer must pay for all water which passes through the customer’s meter. When a customer does not pay for all water metered, the cost of such water must be recovered from other customers. Because an unknown leak may cause an undue burden on individual customers, the District has adopted a Leak Adjustment Policy, which balances these interests by allowing a leak adjustment under certain circumstances. If you have had a leak that has been repaired, click hereto find out if you qualify for a leak adjustment; please contact the office during normal business hours.  No leak adjustment will be given for a leak in irrigation lines.  

The Utility is run for the benefit of all present and future customers. While no customer shall be treated unfairly intentionally, no customer shall be treated in a way that compromises the interests of other current and future customers.

Leak Adjustment Policy

A leak adjustment is a financial adjustment to water usage charges on a customer’s bill caused by a leak on the customer’s side of the meter.

It is Nolensville/College Grove Utility District’s commitment to treat our customers fairly and to be transparent in our service.  To meet that end, our adjustment policy is available for you to view here.

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